This is a cosmetic procedure aimed at reducing the abdominal(stomach) fat and extra skin which is lax. There are multiple techniques which are described depending on the type of the abdomen.

This is excellent procedure for people with:

1. Post delivery abdomen.

2. Post weight loss abdomen.


Basically, in abdominoplasty following components are present:

1. Liposuction: To remove the excess fat from stomach.

2. Excess skin removal: To reduce the extra loose hanging skin to give the youthful abdomen along with it stretch marks(straie).

3. Tightening of abdominal muscles: This is the important component of the procedure as the tightening of the muscle is necessary to achieve long term good results.

4. Umbiliculoplasty: new umbilicus position and shape has to be created in most cases.


The procedure is done under general/regional anaesthesia, it requires around 3-4 hours. You have to stay hospitalized for 3-5 days. There will be drains(tubes) kept which are removed during follow up.   


1. What should I expect post surgery?

Answer: you will be hospitalized for 5-7days. Couple of days bed rest will be required. The pain will be tolerable and round the clock pain killers will be given for couple of days later pain will come down and will switched for oral pain killers. You will be mobilized on 2nd day with help of physiotherapist.


2. What are the side effects of surgery?

Answer: The permanent thing which will remain is a scar in bikini line. It is not visible as it is hidden in bikini. The pain is present for week or 2. Seroma(fluid collection), haematoma(blood collection), bruising, wound dehiscence can be seen. Rare complications like skin necrosis, umbilical necrosis and contour deformity can happen.


3. Will it have pain after surgery?

Answer: yes , unlike other cosmetic surgery this is slightly painful as muscles are tightened. The pain killers and hospitalization is required for 3-5 days later pain is tolerable and managed with oral pain killers. Once physiotherapy and exercises are started pain comes down in 2 weeks.


4. Will it have a scar?

Answer: yes, the scar is present of different length depending on the extra skin, it is usually hidden inside the undergarment. Scar around the umbilicus is also present which is usually not noticeable.


5. When can I return to routine work?

Answer: regular self care like using rest room , eating and walking is started by 3rd onwards. You can start bathing after 1 week. The rountine household work and office work can be started by 2 weeks. The heavy exercises and weight lifting to be avoided till one month.

6. What post operative care should I take?

Answer: regular massage to abomen skin and wearing a pressure garment is important for 1-2 months. You will be advised to use abdominal belt for 2 months. Form 2nd day of surgery it is atmost important that you have to take care of mobilizing yourself as it decrease chance of clot formation in legs(DVT). You are not supposed lift heavy weight or do heavy manual work for 1 month.


7. What is mini abdominaplasty?

Answer: It means that you will not undergo muscle tightening or umbiliculopalsty(new umbilicus). Thus only 2 components of abdominoplasty are done ie liposuction and excess skin removal. The indications are those who do not have muscle weakness and not huge panniculus(hanging skin). As the magnitude of surgery is less and no muscle tightening you can be discharged same day or next and the pain is also minimal.


8. Can I become pregnant after abdominoplasty?

Answer: yes, you can become pregnant and deliver child normally or with C section. We usually advice to complete family before undergoing this procedure as the pregnancy will again cause muscle weakness and stretching of (loose) skin, thus procedure has to repeated again to have youthful abdomen.

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