It is one of the commonest cosmetic surgery performed in developed countries. It is basically enhance the appearance of natural breast which makes it look bigger and more youthful. Breast augmentation surgery can be used to increase the volume of small breast or to “refill” breast which are empty due to slimming or pregnancy. If you are feeling depressed or lack of confidence due to small breast, then this will help you in improving the confidence and self-image. It is totally a personal choice and shouldn’t be influenced by partners or other people. A physically and mentally healthy individuals who are not pregnant or breastfeeding can undergo this procedure.

The breast augmentation can be done basically by 2 methods,

1. Implant based surgery – here implant(silicone) is used to increase the size of breast.

2. Fat grafting- your own fat from other parts of body is taken and put in the breast to increase the size.


There are multiple surgical procedures and different types of implant. when you meet your doctor he will discuss in depth about it. The basic things to keep in mind are the approach or incision line(scar), placement of the implant(subglandular,subpectoral,dual plane), type of implant and need for breast lift along with augmentation.

It is a day care procedure i.e. patient can go home on the same day. The patient may require a day of 2 admission if pain is more. We do this procedure under general anaesthesia.

Breast augmentation, just like any other surgical procedure, is subject to complications such as: infection, which is very rare and generally treatable with an adequate therapy but could necessitate the removal (at least temporary) of the implant. Haematoma(collection of blood inside the pocket), which in the majority of cases appears within the first 24 hours which must be drained. Usually we obtain good quality wound healing, but low quality scarring may appear (hypertrophic scars or keloids).


Normally,when implants are inserted in any part of the body fibrous tissue capsules form around it. Generally this capsule is thin and flexible. However, sometimes it can thicken, contracting and compressing the implant, making it hard and stationary and pushing it upwards. The contracture may begin at any time, even after years, but it appears more frequently during the early months following the operation more often on one side only. To treat and solve light or initial forms of this problem, an external compression maneuver could be sufficient to open the capsule that is too tights. Sometimes this proves to be enough, but it might rarely cause implant rupture. In more serious cases of contracture, a new operation is needed to cut and? Or remove that capsule. Sometimes the implant may position itself incorrectly (displacement) making it necessary to re-operate in order to relocate it.


1. What should I expect post surgery?

Answer: The breast augmentation surgery is very satisfying and patients are very happy. The pain is bearable and patients usually go home same day. Few patients require prolonged painkillers especially who have undergone subpectoral method. Moving the arms at times can be painful on extreme movements.


2. What are the side effects?

Answer: Infection, haemotoma(blood collection), implant exposure, pain, scar are immediate problems. Long term problem of capsule contracture is present and it happens usually over years.


3. Will it have a scar?

Answer: Yes, but depends on method used it can be 5cm long under the breast to small incision in underarms. This has to discussed with your doctor before the procedure.


4. When can I return to work?

Answer: Routine work can be started after 2 days. You will require off from office for a week.


5. What is the post op care I should take?

Answer: It is extremely necessary that you take a proper post op care in terms of hygiene as infection is dreaded complication. You will require regular wound dressing for a week. We will advise you regarding breast massage which is very essential to decrease capsular contracture. We advice sports bar for a month to give support to wound and breast.


6. Can I have kids and breast feed them after procedure?

Answer: Yes, this procedure will not affect in breast feeding or childbearing. But one method periareolar incision may cut few breast glands but will not affect feeding your little one.


7. Can I reverse or change if I am not happy?

Answer: Yes if you have undergone implant based surgery, it can be reversed or change of size of implant can be done. But if you have undergone fat grafting then reversing is not possible but can reduce or increase with removal or addition of fat to same breast.

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